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“Shakespeare & Co’s ‘Women of Will’ Commands Attention in New York Debut ”
“After thrilling New York audiences with the Overview for the past two months, Packer and company will now offer ‘The Complete Journey,’ the complete edition of all five Parts over a period of three days, starting this Friday, April 5. The plays follow Shakespeare chronologically from his earliest works, as Packer outlines his growth and development as a playwright, as well as changing preoccupation with the role of women in his plays, who play ever more powerful roles, for good or ill, in his work.”
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Wall Street Journal

“Brilliant! Fearlessly impassioned acting that you’ll remember for as long as you live.”
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Columbia Spectator

“’Women of Will’ offers non-traditional take on Shakespeare’s strong women”
“The word ‘will’ takes on multiple meanings in one of this season’s most hyped-shows. Conceptualized by, written by, and starring chameleon Tina Packer, ‘Women of Will: The Overview’ takes the stories of some of the strongest-willed women in William Shakespeare’s works. The play… is part lecture and part play, with added-on bits of slapstick comedy and social commentary.”
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The New York Times

“Shakespeare’s Mighty Sorority” by Ben Brantley
“Fashion is hardly the first thing on Tina Packer’s mind in Women of Will her impassioned exploration of Shakespeare’s heroines, which opened Sunday night at the Gym at Judson. Yet even in this month, when designers are strutting their wares on runways all over New York, there’s unlikely to be a more compelling demonstration of how clothes make the woman than the one provided by Ms. Packer, a longtime, multifarious interpreter of Shakespeare.”
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The New York Times

“Star-Crossed, Tamed or Tragic: A Tour of Shakespeare’s Heroines”
“Riding those words like an expert equestrian in “Women of Will,” directed by Eric Tucker, Ms. Packer becomes the age and shape the character demands she be. You start to understand how barnstorming troupers of previous centuries could tour in Shakespeare in their twilight years without courting derision. Yet Ms. Packer isn’t onstage just to show that she still has the stuff to seduce an audience; she’s as much a professor as she is a performer here.”
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New York Magazine

“The Approval Matrix: Week of February 11, 2013: Highbrow/Brilliant!”
“In Women of Will, the majestic Tina Packer, pushing 75 (and not an Elizabethan man in drag) plays all of Shakespeare’s great women in a night, at the Judson.”
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Associated Press

“Review: Captivating, Eloquent ‘Women of Will’” by Jennifer Farrar
“She and her director Eric Tucker must have had a difficult time pruning the original, as her enthusiasm for her subject matter is boundless and irresistible. The result is a bit like having a time-traveling speed-date with Shakespeare and his work, which leaves you wanting more.”
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New York Post

“Woman’s broad study of the Bard’s works”
Needless to say, Packer knows her stuff. You’ll leave the Gym at Judson having learned a thing or 10, which is more than you can say about many classes. And let’s face it, the show, directed by Eric Tucker, gives out such a pedagogical vibe that you’re tempted to offer Packer an apple at the end.
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“Women of Will Review: A feminist bard”
“…a beguiling, enlightening oddball of a performance and master class in Shakespeare and the socio-economic psychology of gender politics. Comfortably ensconced through the spring in the historic, ramshackle arts sanctuary at the Judson Church, Packer and invaluable co-star/sidekick Nigel Gore bring us happily into a selective five-part division of the plays and their increasing understanding of women.”
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“’Women of Will’ Offers a Female Perspective on Shakespeare”
“Part English-literature lecture, part performance piece, Tina Packer’s “Women of Will” is a mostly enjoyable and enlightening overview of Shakespeare’s female roles. Packer, the founding artistic director of Shakespeare & Company of Lenox, Mass., and a skilled and precise interpreter of the Bard’s work as both an actor and a director, takes us on a chronological journey through the canon from the feminine perspective, with Nigel Gore playing all the male parts.”
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