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The New York Times

“Shakespeare’s Mighty Sorority” by Ben Brantley
“Fashion is hardly the first thing on Tina Packer’s mind in Women of Will her impassioned exploration of Shakespeare’s heroines, which opened Sunday night at the Gym at Judson. Yet even in this month, when designers are strutting their wares on runways all over New York, there’s unlikely to be a more compelling demonstration of how clothes make the woman than the one provided by Ms. Packer, a longtime, multifarious interpreter of Shakespeare.”
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The New York Times2013-03-07T17:40:55-05:00

The New York Times

“Star-Crossed, Tamed or Tragic: A Tour of Shakespeare’s Heroines”
“Riding those words like an expert equestrian in “Women of Will,” directed by Eric Tucker, Ms. Packer becomes the age and shape the character demands she be. You start to understand how barnstorming troupers of previous centuries could tour in Shakespeare in their twilight years without courting derision. Yet Ms. Packer isn’t onstage just to show that she still has the stuff to seduce an audience; she’s as much a professor as she is a performer here.”
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The New York Times2013-02-19T18:28:15-05:00

New York Theatre Review

Tina Packer, lately the artistic director of Shakespeare & Company in MA, offers an evening on Shakespeare’s women. Women of Will, is formatted as a dramatic lecture, but it deflects boredom with a casual tone. The informality makes the audience listeners, not viewers, which is probably the best way to engender enthusiasm for his work.
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New York Theatre Review2016-11-10T13:40:16-05:00

Boston Globe: “Women of Will” “dazzling and illuminating”

The Boston Globe publishes their review of  Women of Will today, and in it Louise Kennedy calls Tina Packer’s work “an intensely theatrical experience”:

“Drawing on her lifetime of acting in and directing Shakespeare’s plays, Packer combines the performance of scenes with the discussion of themes to create a dazzling and illuminating piece of work. For anyone who cares about women, Shakespeare, or especially women in Shakespeare, it’s not to be missed.

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Boston Globe: “Women of Will” “dazzling and illuminating”2013-03-07T17:55:54-05:00

Huffington Post

“Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman!” – Not So Much. An Interview With “Woman of Will” Creator and Star Tina Packer
Tina Packer wants Hamlet to go f**k himself. Well, not exactly. It’s said in jest, but there just might be some truth to the statement, Packer laughs, while sitting outside her dressing room at the Gym at Judson, where her play Women of Will is in performances. As we converse, I notice the sign on her dressing room door reads “Ms. Packer.” I would expect nothing less from a woman who has devoted 15 years to preparing a production about the women in the works of William Shakespeare.
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Huffington Post2013-03-27T11:38:33-04:00

Boston Globe

“Women of Will,’’ Tina Packer’s theatrical examination of the central role played by female characters in shaping the works of William Shakespeare, is slated for an Off-Broadway run that will begin in January.

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Boston Globe2013-02-21T12:45:18-05:00

NY Daily News

“Wall-to-Wall William Shakespeare”
“Spring blooms with wall-to-wall Will Shakespeare on stages and bookshelves.”