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“Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman!” – Not So Much. An Interview With “Woman of Will” Creator and Star Tina Packer
Tina Packer wants Hamlet to go f**k himself. Well, not exactly. It’s said in jest, but there just might be some truth to the statement, Packer laughs, while sitting outside her dressing room at the Gym at Judson, where her play Women of Will is in performances. As we converse, I notice the sign on her dressing room door reads “Ms. Packer.” I would expect nothing less from a woman who has devoted 15 years to preparing a production about the women in the works of William Shakespeare.
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Boston Globe

“Women of Will,’’ Tina Packer’s theatrical examination of the central role played by female characters in shaping the works of William Shakespeare, is slated for an Off-Broadway run that will begin in January.

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Playing All of Shakespeare’s Women (At Once) Tina Packer navigates “Women of Will”
“Consider the challenge in just the first part of the marathon: Packer and costar Nigel Gore tackle The Comedy of Errors, Richard III, Titus Andronicus, Romeo and Juliet, and all three parts of Henry IV. In between, they analyze the role of women within each play, studying Shakespeare’s early treatment of the fairer sex.”
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Charlie Rose

“Tina Packer, founder of Shakespeare & Co.”
“Tina Packer has lived and breathed Shakespeare for over five decades. Her insight into his work runs the full gamut. She has played countless roles and taught the canon at colleges across the country.”
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Women of Will’s Tina Packer Offers a Dazzling Look at Shakespeare’s Leading Ladies”
“Renowned Shakespeare expert Tina Packer discusses her favorite characters and explains why girl power is at the heart of her new Bard-centric show Women of Will.”
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“WOMEN OF WILL’s Tina Packer Reschedules Appearance on THE CHARLIE ROSE SHOW for Tonight”
“A true tour de force performance, Women of Will, is the masterful summation of Shakespeare & Company Founding Artistic Director Tina Packer’s 40-plus years spent investigating all things Shakespeare; it is an engrossing exploration of the Bard’s art and psyche as seen through the eyes of his female characters, and portrayed by two of Shakespeare’s greatest modern interpreters – Ms. Packer and Nigel Gore.”
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The New York Times

For more than 15 years, the director and actress Tina Packer has been shaping a theater piece about  Desdemona, Rosalind, Juliet, Kate and the other female characters in Shakespeare, a population that she estimates is outnumbered more than four to one by men.

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“NY1 “On Stage” Video Interview with Tina and Nigel ”
“Shakespeare began off not as a feminist at all. He was projecting on women they’re either viragos or they’re sweet little virgins on the pedestal. You know, he was a kid, he was projecting on women but he really didn’t understand women, but by the time he got to the end of his life he was saying, ‘Guys, if we don’t follow the women, if we don’t run our lives the way women run their lives, we’re going to be in real trouble.’ I think he ended up as a real feminist.”
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