Portland Playhouse


Women of Will 
October 24 – November 10, 2019

One Night Only Performance Events, November 6-10

One Night Only Performance Events

Each “One Night Only” performance events takes a deep dive into the character development of Shakespeare’s more well-known women.

Wednesday, November 6
Warrior Woman, from Violence to Negotiation From Joan of Arc and Margaret in Henry VI to Elizabeth in Richard III.

Thursday, November 7
The Sexual Merges with the Spiritual; New Knowledge reveals Shakespeare moving from projecting onto women to writing from within women, as if he were a woman himself, illustrated by Romeo and Juliet.

Friday, November 8
Living Underground or Dying to Tell the Truth Women become the voice of truth, but they either die for telling the truth or they disguise themselves as men. This performance juxtaposes scenes of As You Like It with Othello.

Saturday, November 9
Chaos Is Come Again, the Lion Eats the Wolf Women desire the same power as men in society in with Macbeth as the exemplary play.

Sunday, November 10
The Maiden Phoenix; The Daughter Redeems the Father  sees Shakespeare turn to women as the engines of social and cosmic healing. Pericles is this topic’s featured play, and the production concludes with “The last woman Shakespeare portrayed,” says Packer, the infant Elizabeth in Cranmer’s prophecy from Henry VIII.