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“Q&A With Actor Tina Packer: Shakespeare and Freud, Female Power, and Manti Te’o”
“I believe that Shakespeare saw how deeply unfair society was to women and he increasingly wanted to reveal that. I don’t know if he played women’s parts as an actor, but he really got it.”
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Works by Women

“Interview: Tina Packer”
“But then I started realizing that Shakespeare was using the women to stand up for what is true in the world, whether it’s about the love between a man and a woman, or somebody like Ophelia, who runs mad to tell the truth…And so I feel as if Shakespeare himself started identifying more with the women and less with the soldiers who were going to do ‘honorable deeds’ and fix the problem just by beating somebody else. You can notice as the plays go on, there are fewer and fewer outright fights after Henry V and the women become real players whether to undo the fights or just to have their say.”
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Tony and Emmy Award-winner Tyne Daly stopped by The Gym at Judson Theatre (243 Thompson Street, NY) to see the critically acclaimed play Women of Will recently. Following the show, Ms. Daly stopped back stage to congratulate the show’s creator and star Tina Packer and Ms. Packer’s on-stage partner Nigel Gore.

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Columbia Spectator

“’Women of Will’ offers non-traditional take on Shakespeare’s strong women”
“The word ‘will’ takes on multiple meanings in one of this season’s most hyped-shows. Conceptualized by, written by, and starring chameleon Tina Packer, ‘Women of Will: The Overview’ takes the stories of some of the strongest-willed women in William Shakespeare’s works. The play… is part lecture and part play, with added-on bits of slapstick comedy and social commentary.”
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“’Women of Will’ Offers a Female Perspective on Shakespeare”
“Part English-literature lecture, part performance piece, Tina Packer’s “Women of Will” is a mostly enjoyable and enlightening overview of Shakespeare’s female roles. Packer, the founding artistic director of Shakespeare & Company of Lenox, Mass., and a skilled and precise interpreter of the Bard’s work as both an actor and a director, takes us on a chronological journey through the canon from the feminine perspective, with Nigel Gore playing all the male parts.”
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Tina Packer’s Women of Will, which brings focus to Shakespeare’s leading ladies, will receive its New York debut beginning Jan. 27, 2013, at the Gym at Judson.

Eric Tucker directs the two-actor piece, written by and starring Packer, the founding artistic director of Massachusetts’ Shakespeare & Company. It will also feature Nigel Gore.

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“Tina Packer’s WOMEN OF WILL: THE COMPLETE JOURNEY to Play in Five Parts Off-Broadway, Beg. 4/5”
“The Overview, which Ben Brantley of The New York Times called ‘Marvelous… subliminally erotic… an impassioned exploration of Shakespeare’s heroines,’ and Jennifer Farrar of the Associated Press called ‘Boundless and irresistible,’ and that it ‘leaves you wanting more.'”
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“Women of Will Creator Tina Packer on Shakespeare’s Feistiest, Most Misunderstood Heroines”

“This 74-year-old dynamo is bringing her expertise to life in Women of Will, a tour-de-force six-part exploration of Shakespeare’s female characters. asked Packer to expound on three heroines—all of them half of a celebrated couple—that she wishes audiences understood better.”

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The New York premiere of Tina Packer’s Women of Will – a groundbreaking exploration of Shakespeare’s canon – written by Ms. Packer and directed by Eric Tucker (“Saint Joan”) will begin preview performances on January 27 prior to an official press opening of February 3 and running through June 2 Off-Broadway at The Gym at Judson (243 Thompson Street), it has been announced by the show’s producer Sarah Hancock and its creator/star Tina Packer.

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New York Magazine

“The Approval Matrix: Week of February 11, 2013: Highbrow/Brilliant!”
“In Women of Will, the majestic Tina Packer, pushing 75 (and not an Elizabethan man in drag) plays all of Shakespeare’s great women in a night, at the Judson.”
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